Terms of sales

Payment Terms

  • 14 days net
  • delay interest 9,5 %
  • delivery expense 2,76 € per shipment (VAT 0%)

Small shipment surcharge

Orders under 68 € (VAT 0 %) we will charge 8,41 € (VAT 0 %) small shipment surcharge.

Terms of Delivery

FCA RAI-TA SPORT Co. Ltd. storage, INCOTERMS 2010 CPT (freight costs are added to the price. Freight costs are based on RAITA SPORT’s economic agreement of freight prices.)

After deliveries

All after deliveries are freight charge free.


To get compensation, all returnings have to be settled in beforehand.

Shipment damage

When receiving shipment, receiver must always check the amount and quality of packages.

For possible lacks or damage of packages, forwarder must be asked to write notice to the waybill of freight. RAITA SPORT Co. Ltd. is not responsible for losses or damages, unless there’s a notice on the waybill of freight.

If any product is missing or is broken, RAITA SPORT Co. Ltd. must be informed immediately.


On products we represent, we abide by manufacturer warrant. On RAITA SPORT Co. Ltd.’s manufactured products we give two year warranty for work, quality and material.

Warranty doesn’t include misusage and natural abrasion.


From special packages (wooden crates and boxes) and pallets we charge separately.


Product is RAITA SPORT Co. Ltd.’s property, until the whole payment is paid.


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