Manual vacuum lifter

A manual vacuum lifter is a handy tool for lifting glass panels. It gives a solid grip that makes the glass handling easy and safe. Load capacity 57 kg per unit. Easily replaceable handle / release valve and plunger.
pc 615010

Forklift operated vacuum lifter.

pc 615020

Adapter for the forklift.
pc 615021

Storage platform for dasher sections

The platforms are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, and designed for heavy loads.
The platform can be transported with a forklift.

pc 107101

Stackable platform for acrylic shields

Acrylic shields can be stored on platform in a horizontal position. Platforms are mado of galvanized steel and plywood.

pcs 107127

Storage and transportation cart

For arena shields. Frame is hot-dip galvanized steel. Contact surfaces are protected with polyethylene. Hardrubber wheels and pullingshaft. Max 1000 kg load/cart.

107125 Small cart, 107126 Big cart

Transportation cart for dasher sections

Strong transportation troll for dasher sections with air rubber wheels. Also goals can be moved with the cart.
Width 700 mm. pc 107150
Width 1230 mm. pc 107151


H-List storage car

For storage of H-lists used with acrylic shielding. Saves storage space and time in installation and dismantling. pc H000195

Shield supports storage cart

For transporting and storage of shield supports. Strong steel frame with plywood panelling.

pc 107170

Cart for small size items

Cart for transportation or to storage small items. It is suitable for transportation of glazing fasteners during installation.

pcs 216001

Transportation cart for hockey goals

Transportation cart is designed for official competition goals and practice goals. Electrostatically painted in red.

pc 107152



4 wheel transportation cart for hockey goals

Transportation cart with four wheels and a winch to lift goal up for transportation. Easy to use even by one person. Designed for official competition goals and practice goals. Galvanized, light weight steel pipe construction. Pcs 107154



Advertisiment protective set ADSHIELD

Maximise arenas advertising incomes. ADSHIELD makes it possible to change ads in every game if necessary and it protects expensive ad material from mechanical abrasion.

set 120040

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