Rink Lines and Ice Maintenance

Rink marking set

Duraline line markings for kick strip

DURALINE is installed fixedly on the kick strips. The kick strip is cut and the polycarbonate is installed. Polycarbonate thickness 8-12 mm x 20 cm height. DURALINE, set 120070

Vinyline line marking set for dasher board section

VINYLINE is an easy use marking set for dasher board made of vinyl tape. The vinyl tape shall be cut according to the dasher board and clued to the puckboard.

VINYLINE, set 120080

EASY MARK -line kits

Lines and circles are made of strong wear-resistant PVC coated polyester. EASY MARK lines and spots can be removed by the end of the season and be re-used again the next seasons (for 5 to 10 years). Set includes all lines and spots for playing surface.

 Line kit for ice hockey, set 205050
Goal area for ice hockey, set 205055
Line kit for curling, set 205080
EASY AD -ice advertising, m2 205030

Paper line kits

Line kit for ice hockey, set 205001
Goal area for ice hockey, set 205002
Line kit for ringette, set 205003
Line kit for bandy, set 205004
Line kit for curling, set 205005

Audience protective nets

To protect the audience from the puck that flies over the glazing. Thread diameter alternatives are 1,5 and 2 mm, and the mesh size is 40 x 40 mm. Colors: white, green or black. Installation on the roof with wires or with hanger bar.


CLEAN-R-BOARD dasher board cleanser

For cleaning dasher boards surface. Can also be used for stainless steel. Cleans effectively dirt and puck marks. Product is biologically disintegrating.

bottle 204100

Mark cone, rubber

Mark cones can be used for stick, skating and agility drills.

51 cm, pc 205500
33 cm, pc 205501


Without connectors. Minimum length of 20 m. 1,5” neoprene rubber, roll 215020
25 mm, gomtex/neoprene, roll 215021

Claw connector for waterhose

Aluminium cast. Price includes binding to the hose.
1,5”, set 215041
2”, set 215042
Spraying nozzle Multifi re 12L 2”, pc 215030
Spraying nozzle Multifire 12L 2″ with handle, pc 215031

KARHU-hose cart set

Includes 60 meters of 25 mm hose, 8 meters of feeding hose and spraying nozzle.
set 215062

Ice scraper

Electroplated steel shaft, aluminium blade support, sandvik steel blade. The blade is changeable.
Width 900 mm, pc 120302
Width 1500 mm, pc 120300
Width 1800 mm, pc 120301
Spare shaft, steel, pc 120310

Ice scraper’s spare blade

Spare blade for ice scraper. Blade dimension 76 x 0,9 mm.

Width 1500 mm, pc C800001m
Width 1800 mm, pc
Defined width, lm.

Ice machine’s spare blade

1,2 x 120 mm. Delivery with defined width.

lm C800004m

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