Parts and material

Protective shield end cushion

Ordered by the rules, protective shield cushion to the end of the shields. The cushion is made of foam plastic and is covered with vinyl fabric.

h=800 mm supported glazing, pc 105200
h=1000 mm supported glazing, pc 105201
h=1200 mm supported glazing, pc 105202
h=800 mm postless glazing, pc 105210
h=1000 mm postless glazing, pc 105211
h=1200 mm postless glazing, pc 105212

RAITA HDHT-tempered glass

15 mm, m2 L800004
12 mm, m2 L800003


PMMA 12 mm, m2 105022
PMMA 15 mm, m2 105020


PC 4 mm, m2 105035
PC 8 mm, m2 105032
PC 12 mm, m2 105030

MACHINE gate hinges

Hinges, fork model, pc 199027
Hinges, pc 199025

Player’s gate latch

Complete set.
Left, pc 199031
Right, pc 199030

GLASS HINGE for seamless glazing

Hinge for VIEWMAX seamless glazing, gives even more solid construction.
For 15 mm glazing, pc 120355
For 12 mm glazing, pc120356


Movable hinge designed for players and maintenance gates.
pc E000031

Middle section support

Additional middle section supports can be installed between the anchors or supports in the middle of the dasher sections. They will increase the stability of the boards and give extra support for the sections against the ice pressure. Easy install without drilling. pc 102100

Rubber gasket

U-profile rubber gasket for supported glazing.

lm 199041

Glazing gap list

For seamless glazing’s gaps. Sold in 2 meter lists.

For 12 mm glazing, pc 216010
For 15 mm glazing, pc 216011

Mechanical polyethylene parts

Wide selection of replacement parts and accessories to ice hockey rink: kick strips, top sills, white sheets. RAITA SPORT’s restoration set includes new parts for old frames with fastening parts and designs. Ask for an offer for these and ad protection system!

Ice hockey rink restoration kit

Modernize old rink with restoration kit. Old steel frames are still usable for years after old plywood sheets are beginning to brake down. With new boards and surface, rink’s usage age is significally longer and brings expense savings.

set 199009

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