Chairs and Seatings

We supply the removable seatings, seating systems, scenes, scoreboards, sound systems and ice deckings with storage systems that shall best of all serve the needs of each hall designed and dimensioned according to the object.

Globe stage

The GLOBE STAGE is a portable stage platform system with inserted legs that can vary in height. The platform units are excellent for building stages, podiums, catwalks and walkways. They can be used in sport halls, theaters, exhibition centres and conference halls, indoors and outdoors.

They can also be used to build box floors for ice rinks. In this purpose they are an excellent solution for high level facilities.

Standard module’s size is 100 x 200 cm, heights from 20 to 150 cm. Load capasity 750kg/m2, stocking heights 9,5 cm, weight 40 kg.

Strong frame is made of aluminium profile. Deck options: Plywood, carpet and treated plywood. Removable legs are aluminium tube.

Additional accessories: stairs, safety hand-rails, protective curtain and storage cart.

In ice arenas GLOBE STAGE can be used for building platforms for wheel chairs.


Terracover ice decking system

TERRACOVER is an ice decking system for truly multifunctional facilities. The superior characteristics provide the best benefits for arenas that host a variety of exhibitions, shows and concerts on a frequent basis requiring almost weekly conversions.

TERRACOVER floor is build 2 x 2 m panels. The interlocking panels overlap to provide one solid continuous nice looking floor that is durable, safe and warm. Standard color is grey. Light, easy to handle and quick to install without specialized equipment.

set 301001

Stationary seats

Stationary seat are similar to telescopic seats. Compination of stationary seats, telescopic- and removable seats maximizes the number of spectators. Stationary seats can be fastened either on horizontal or vertical surfaces of constructions.

Telescopic seats

Telescopic seats are suitable for multipurpose arenas where conversions take place weekly. Motor operated, chain track pulled moving mechanism is stabile, reliable and quick to operate.

In the picture: Arena Tractor, Cheliabinsk.

Sutton tip-up seats

Sutton tip-up seat is an economical solution for small arena. Tip-up seats can be fastened to horizontal or vertical surfaces of constructions.

Arena plastic seat

Inexpensive, nicely designed plastic seat for arena use.

Blue, pc 505100
Red, pc 505101
Yellow, pc 505102
Black, pc 505103
Green, pc 505104

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