The player’s boxes, penalty boxes and official’s boxes are a very central part of an ice rink installation. They have to offer the maximum comfort, security and functionality to the resting and moving players, operating coaches and team maintenance. The officials’ and goal judge’s boxes have to offer good working conditions and equipment to the personnel in charge of running the game. We always treat the rink, boxes and shields as a complete functional unit and pay individual attention to meet the specific needs of all user groups in different arena conditions.


HORNIUM™ boxes

HORNIUM™ -boxes consist of custom designed floor- and wall sections, seamless glazing and necessary accessories. They complete the HORNIUM™ -dasher board with their appearance and functionality.


Coliseum™ box

COLISEUM™ -boxes are popular and economical option for rinks that are nearly all the time installed on their places. They fit together with HORNIUM™ and OPTIUM™ -dasher boards.

Floor platforms

Floor platforms are manufactured in the appropriate sizes (for example 1500 x 3000, 2000 x 3000 etc.). The 15 mm thick antislip patterned plywood is fastened to the top of the steel frame, it has a patterned surface and it is very easy to install or glue rubber flooring on it.





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