Cleaning and resurfacing agents


New nanotech cleaning and coating agents for ice rink plastic surfaces.


Raita Cleaner™RAITA Cleaner™

Raita Cleaner™ is designed for the cleaning of puck and stick marks. It contains mark removal elements that reduce the need for scrubbing. Apply Raita Cleaner™ on the plastic surface by spraying and remove the marks by rubbing gently with a microfibere cloth. It’s easy and fast!

Raita Surfacer™RAITA SURFACER™

We recommend coating of the cleaned plastic surface with Raita Surfacer™. It strenghtens the cleaned surface against scraches and enhances its shine and dirt resistance. After the treatment with Raita Surfacer™, the plastic surface will be even easier to clean the next time.

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• Download Raita Cleaner™ and Raita Surfacer™ brochure (web quality)

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